Teaching Happiness!


Neha conducts Happiness Workshops and Trainings for Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Clubs and Associations, where she teaches people scientific techniques and strategies to be Oh, So Happy! in Life, Work and Relationships.

Her workshops are the first of its kind 'Neuroscience + Musicals' and are nothing less than an enthralling experience.

Below are the Oh, So Happy Workshops you can choose from:

1. Oh, So Happy! Ever After: This is Neha's Signature Happiness Workshop, where she teaches your people how to CREATE their own Happiness, and be Oh, So Happy! even amidst excessive work pressure and life problems.

2. Oh, So Happy! Teams: A team building workshop where your teams learn how to build stronger bonds, fix broken ties, foster deeper connections, and develop life-long relationships.

3. Oh, So Happy! Leaders: A workshop for Managers/ Leaders/ Executives where Neha teaches them techniques to be happy themselves, and to make their teams and employees happier at work.

4. Oh, So Happy! Couples: This workshop helps couples fall in love with each other once again and guides them to lead a life of happiness and fulfilment together.

Duration: Half Day, Full Day or customised as per requirement.

Perfect for: employees, teams, leaders, women’s groups, children, parents, teachers and college students.

Modus Operandi: Highly interactive | packed with storytelling | games | dynamic exercises | music | and peppy dances, these workshops are guaranteed to take your people on a happiness overdrive, leaving them spellbound by the end of the session!

So Book Neha's Oh, So Happy! Workshop and take your people on a journey to Happiness!