Oh, So Happy!

Corporate Clients

"Neha's Oh, So Happy! Techniques are simple and easy to practice. And when they are taught by someone who actually looks the epitome of happiness they are even easier to follow"

Kalpana Lal

Senior Specialist HR, Accenture

"Neha's Oh, So Happy! program is an outstanding workshop. The Teams had a great, great time. We sung, we danced, we talked science, and we discovered what are the ways in which we can actually tap the happiness that lies within. I do hope that in future we are able to entice Neha to come back."

Arjun Rao

Principal, Oakridge International School

"What a great talk! To create such a feeling in us, in so short a time, is just a stroke of genius."

Shahji Jacob

Head-Learning and Development, Enzen Global

"Neha's 3 hour happiness session gave me
1) An understanding of what "MY" happiness really is (as opposed to what I thought it could be.)
2) Few simple steps on keeping my avg happiness quotient @ a higher percentage irrespective of what goes on around me
3) A "HAPPINESS" role model to look up to, someone who accepts her own vulnerability and yet is able to stay "Genuinely" happy !! Experience it to believe it !"

Ankoor Naik

CEO and Executive Coach

"Really enjoyed the happiness training session, as releasing all the happy hormones really work!! Looking forward to taking this back to my workplace, home and creating happiness all around me. Your energy is great! Thank you for being U."

Swati Bhatt

Sr. Training Manager, Mphasis

"If you want to make people happy, Neha is the person you should go to. Neha is an innovative thinker and she is very passionate about delighting people. Her empathy for people allows her to connect with them and understand what will truly work for them. With a great eye for detail, Neha always manages to pack the punch in her work. She is a trooper and an absolute delight to work with. I worked with her on the launch of Mia (sub brand of Tanishq) and she helped bring to life one of the most innovative ideas - Mia on Wheels. Neha always went out of her way to accommodate my last minute requests and executed them to perfection. Having worked with her on a couple of more exciting projects where she created an unforgettable experience for our patrons, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create soulful gems. She is very committed and doesn't stop short of creating genuinely top class work.

Parvesh Debuka

Head-Marketing, Tanishq

"I enjoyed a lot in this Happiness Workshop. I learnt how to enjoy life and make it positive . Thank you for changing my life!"

Bhautik Patel

Lutron India

"Neha's program is filled with Musicals! That is the best part. And her content is research/science based!!"

Suma Narasimhamurthy

Sonata Software

"OH! SO HAPPY ! Yes ! Neha’s workshop brought back memories of childhood, the fun of youth & the understanding of life as an adult. Essentially it brought me a whole lot of happiness & a whole new way of creating and being happy"

Smitha Naidu

Ops Manager, Quintiles

"Before meeting Neha, I never thought of Happiness as something that could be taught. Her ‘Oh, So Happy’ session was a revelation! I have never felt so happy in a workshop"

Sudha Singh

Soft Skills Trainer

"Neha's session was enjoyable and radiated light into the darkest corners. It will, I know make a lifelong change for me. Thanks, Neha!"

Upasana Dwarakanath

Sr. Account Executive, Ogilvy and Mather

"Such a fun and informative experience! WIll Definitely try all the techniques to curb negative thoughts from growing. You're such an inspiration!! Thank You! "

Anamika Bhatt


"Had a great session. A very different training. Thank you for organising and coming up with such an innovative training."


SAP Labs